We are very proud of our circular raw materials database. It shows which and how resources, gained from waste streams, can be used. You can make use of this as well. We can turn your idea for a sustainable promotional gift or product into a custom made design. Which we then can produce locally and socially.


By working with recycled and upcycled materials from Europe we exclude an important part of the pollution caused by the textile industry. A lot of environmental impact is caused in the initial phase of the production process. Think of the cultivation of plant fibers or the production of raw materials such as crude oil from which synthetic fibers are made. These production processes have an high impact on natural resources and environment. Think of the utilisation of water, energy and chemicals but also the disposal of those resources when used as wastewater and polluted air. All has a major impact on the environment and affects the people that work and live there. We avoid this initial phase by the recycling of used materials and thus reducing environmental impact. In addition, these materials do not have to cross the ocean. This results in a huge CO2 emission reduction.


Working with recycled and upcycled materials is different from working with new raw materials. For this reason we have extensively tested our materials so we know exactly what is possible and what is not. Would you like to use our material database for an unique sustainable business gift or private label product? We are happy to tell you about all the possibilities.


Nowadays almost everything consists out of plastics. Every year, around 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the sea. Everyone knows that plastic waste is a major problem in many ways. There are a lot of discussions going on about plastics, bioplastics and possible solutions. But fact is that at this moment only 5% of the plastic waste can be recycled. A possible solution can be bioplastic, but at the end of the day, this is still plastic and it cannot be recycled in all circumstances.

Although we are not a big fan of using plastics in garments (clothing?), we have consciously chosen to use materials based on recycled plastics in our “not washable” products. By using recycled plastic materials, we reduce waste, water use and CO2 emission.

The possibilities:

  • Felt from 100% recycled PET, certified with the Global Recycled Standard quality mark
  • Fabrics made from 100% recycled PET, certified with the Global Recycled Standard quality mark
  • Vegan “leather” – 55% recycled PET and 45% water-based PU, certified with the Global Recycled Standard quality mark
  • Recycled plastics and bioplastics


The guys from Fruitleather Rotterdam have transformed leftover fruit, into beautiful, leathery material. Their vision: spread awareness about food waste and show how waste can be used in a positive way. The material is sustainable, animal-friendly, consists of 100% fruit waste and is made in the Netherlands.


The left over of the production process of sunshades is cutting waste. The fabric used for sunshades is extremely sturdy, durable and water-repellent. A waste to throw it away! That is why we recycle this sunshade waste into new cool and unique products.


We use unique fabrics based on recycled cotton. The fabrics are being made from recycled cotton yarn, made from production cutting waste or worn textiles that are recycled. These recycled cotton yarns are always mixed with new cotton yarn, which is necessary for the binding and strength of the fabric. For every product we clearly show the exact composition. Our materials are certified with the Global Recycled Standard quality mark and extensively tested based on REACH according to EU rules and regulations. No chemicals or water are used during the production process and CO2 emissions are minimal.


Our recycled leather is made from leather waste from shoe and bag manufacturers from Italy. By grinding the leather waste and combining it with a natural binder, a rubbery new material is created. This recycled leather is available in a wide range of structures and colors. The colored top layer is made of a thin PU layer, 100% water based.

Our recycled leather waste is produced in Southern Europe and is certified with the Global Recycled Standard quality mark and tested based on REACH according to the EU rules and regulations.


Wood is a wonderful product to work with. It is natural, of high-quality, biodegradable and incredibly beautiful. For our products we use locally harvested Dutch wood. This wood had to be cut down for example for a new building, a road or because the tree is sick. A waste to end up in the shredding machine or a fireplace. That is why we rescue this wood and make new products out of it. Our circular wood items are produced in a local and social workshop.


By upcycling old bouncing castles, we create unique, cheerful and super creative new products. The material is nice and sturdy, water-repellent and suitable for all kinds of bags and accessories. We process this material socially and locally and of course we clean it with a natural soap before we convert it into a new product.


We are happy to advise you on various sustainable paper types like: 100% recycled paper or paper made from stone, agricultural waste or jeans. Each paper type has its own environmental impact and savings.

Make your own paper

It is even possible to make paper from your own organic waste. To be able to process, we need around 2200 kg of waste. This paper is produced in the Netherlands which considerably reduces CO2 emissions.

Print CO2 neutral

All our print work is printed and produced CO2 neutral with bio-based ink. Think of books, notebooks, mailings, menus, stationary, annual reports, etc. Of course this can be combined with one of our other materials.